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SENDer Must Know

By using SEND application and website you acknowledge that a contract is formed when you agree to the terms of a job with another user. As a SENDer, you acknowledge that you will comply strictly with the User’s instructions in exchange for the payment that User have agreed to, understanding that you will have to assume the responsibility of your own costs and utilize your own method of transport in pursuit of completing the job.

Payment for jobs can be done through the payment service provider. Both parties agree to notify SEND of any disputes arising from the job at least (30) days before initiating any proceedings or action against the other party, utilizing SEND as an intermediary and mediator to resolve disputes.

Terms & Conditions

Payment for SENDers

As a SENDer, I give consent for SEND Network Sdn. Bhd (SEND) to collect payment from the user on behalf of me after deducting the SEND system fee as per decided by SEND. The current SEND system fee is RM3 or 10% of the job fee, whichever is higher. I also agree that the system fee can vary from time to time and fully under SEND jurisdiction to amend the fees at any time without notice in advance.

Payment calculation is carried out weekly. Payment will be transferred directly to the SENDer’s bank account not later than 7 working days of the following week, unless SENDer has been informed otherwise. Notification of any delayed payment will be informed by SEND.

Insurance for SENDers

SEND is not directly responsible for any accident involving our SENDers, either for vehicle damages or personal injuries. All expenses and charges that may arise will be directed to the personal responsibility of the SENDer.

A SENDer is strongly advised to obtain a personal insurance. SEND can only act as a mediator in helping both parties in finding a solution in the event of an accident, such as by providing information that is helpful to an investigation like license plates.

SENDers Standard Operation Procedure
  1. Accepting Job / Bid
    1. Make sure you go through the details before you accept or bid. Eg;
      1. Pickup location
      2. Delivery location
      3. Time if it is scheduled delivery
      4. Quantity and item size
      5. Requirement (SEND Bags, Ropes, Etc)
      6. Remarks (Certain jobs might have extra remarks such as surprise)
    2. For bidding job, please be reminded that some user might not proceed with the job.
  2. After accepting job/bid accepted
    1. For current job, once a SENDer’s bid is accepted, they need to call the user & pickup place (if different people) to notify them on SENDer’s ETA.
    2. For schedule, SENDers need to start the job 1 hour before the pickup time and notify their ETA to user & pickup place (if different people).
  3. Pickup
    1. Make sure you reach to pick up location on time for scheduled job and within one hour for the current job.
    2. If delay, make sure to inform the user and SEND admin/ support
    3. If the user change location, you have the right to reject the job and make sure you inform SEND admin / support on the issue. You will be paid half of the amount. Never ask for extra money unless it’s offered by the user or advised by SEND admin.
    4. Once pickup, please call the receiver right after that to ensure the receiver is at the drop off location unless advised by the user not to (ex: surprise delivery). This will prevent the SENDer from having a failed delivery after arriving at the drop off location.
  4. Delivery in progress
    1. Make sure you send the item straight away after pickup. Do not delay the delivery!
    2. Make sure the app is on at all time during the delivery. This is to make sure user and admin can monitor your progress. Please take note that live tracking is one of our main features and selling points to the customer. (Tips : bring more power bank or car charger)
    3. If you are facing any issue that will cause delay or the item/parcel is damaged, please notify SEND support/ admin and user for the issue.
    4. Make sure to follow law and regulation while driving/riding to avoid any incident. SENDers are responsible for their own safety and the item they deliver.
  5. Delivery location
    1. Make sure you deliver to the correct recipient unless you got consent from the user/recipient to pass the item to others.
    2. Make sure to ask the recipient to key in their name and IC number to complete the job.
    3. Please take a photo of the item with the recipient if the item is a fragile item like cakes and flowers. It will be the prove if there is any complaint on the item.
    4. After you have completed the job, you are advisable to call the user and inform them of the job status and ask politely to give you a good rating.
  6. Damaged item
    1. The sender is responsible for item damaged during the delivery process. Compensation up to RM200 will be charged if the SENDer is found at fault after the investigation is done.
    2. The sender is advised to take a photo of the item before and after especially for a fragile item to avoid any dispute by User.
    3. The compensation will be deducted from SENDer weekly payment (if weekly payment is more than the compensation amount).
    4. If not, investigation and arrangement will be taken as per decided by SEND.

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